In this knowledge base you may find some Rapid HTA reports (see bottom of this page) from Lombardy Region HTA centre, and (in the other pages) some reasoned synthesis of themes emerging from the recent and ongoing biomedical literature that the National Library of Medicine (NLM, USA) is indexing and presenting in the LitCovid resource (Chen et al. Nature 2020). The themes are integrated with other relevant sources and organised in the same main sections of the LitCovid resource: 

  • BIOLOGY, CLINICAL ISSUES: symptoms, clinical presentation and evolution, comorbidities, severity of disease, laboratory and imaging, viral genomic sequencing, ARDS, cytochine storm.
  • TRANSMISSION: disease transmission models and characteristics, control measures for the prevention of the infection.
  • TREAMENT: treatment strategies, therapeutic procedures, development of drugs, serotherapies (passive immunisation) and vaccines (active immunisation).
  • CASE REPORT: description of clinical cases. 
  • EPIDEMIC FORECASTING: Predictive models and data management for epidemic forecasting of COVID-19 disease.
  • RESEARCH PROTOCOLS: Trends and themes of ongoing pre-clinical and clinical research on COVID-19 disease. 

The themes are synthetized by a working group of the Lombardy Government Health Care Directorate, that is maintaining an annotated literature database on a Citavi software project, cloud version. Researchers, physycians and health care professionals who are using the full personal or institutional version of Citavi (cloud version) may ask for access to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

Alert HTA 

HTA Alerts are part of an information service of Lombardy Government Health Care Directorate and of the University and Community Hospitals and Territorial facilities based in Lombardy, developed within the framework of the regional health technology assessment program (HTADM Lombardia) and addressed to health care professionals operating in Lombardy. HTA Alerts are developed with limited literature searches, they are not systematic reviews of the documentation, and provide lists and summaries that it has identified within the limits of the available resources. HTA Alerts must be interpreted together with other types of documentation and in no case can replace full clinical and health judgment, nor can they be used as a favorable or unfavorable recommendation with respect to the use of specific health technologies for specific patients. Users must take into account that lack of good scientific and clinical documentation does not necessarily provide an evidence of a lack of efficacy or safety of diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, especially in the case of emerging or growing technologies for which the information present may be incomplete or insufficient. Despite the attention of Lombardy Government Health Care Directorate in preserving and updating the contents or HTA Alerts in an accurate, complete and updated way, the Lombardy Government Health Care Directorate in no way guarantees the quality of HTA Alerts. Lombardy Government Health Care Directorate must not be held responsible for any loss or damage consequent in any way to the uncritical and non-responsible use of the contents of reports. HTA Alerts may contain links to other sources on the web, produced by third parties. The Lombardy Government Health Care Directorate has no control over the related contents. The user must remember that the use of these linked contents is governed by terms and conditions established by third parties on the respective sites.